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Odroerir Journal Update
Written by Anna Bucci   
Wednesday, 05 November 2014


The Odroerir Jounral has new issues out, as well as a new website . The website has the journal available as well as some good articles and resources. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 November 2014 )
VA Adds Thorís Hammer Emblem Ė Give Honor to the Fallen
Written by Josh Heath   
Tuesday, 21 May 2013



A death can be a great shock, a shock to a family, a shock to a community, and sometimes a shock to a system that needs it as well. In August of 2012, a death occurred that created a shock to a family, a system, and now a community. While hiking, a 36 year old honorably discharged US Marine Corps Sergeant named Shane passed away. He was a heathen, a follower of the old gods of Northern Europe, a faith that had been passed down to him from his father, another devout follower of those ancient traditions brought anew to the world.

Shane was a young father himself, in the prime of his life. He was dedicated to the sport of soccer, serving as a coach and a mentor to the local children’s team in his home town. He had skills as a writer, something that his ancestors would have lauded, because a skill with words and the keeping of memory was so important to them. Shane was deeply invested in his hometown community and seemed to recognize the deep value of having others close and keeping tight bonds with one’s inner yard. He grew food, and knew how to run a farm.

Shane’s father was a son of the American Northeast, serving honorably in the US Air Force, stationed in Germany during the Conflict in Vietnam. Upon leaving active duty, he served honorably again as a member of the Air National Guard. He had a love of the outdoors, finding solace in the moon light beside a campfire. He loved dancing with his wife, and such a simple love of life can only be seen as elegant in its simplicity.


Support Josh Rood's Old Norse Religion MA program
Written by Josh Rood   
Thursday, 04 April 2013


Josh Rood



Hello!  As most of you already know, I have just been accepted to the Old Norse Religion MA program at the University of Iceland.  The courses begin this fall, and I will be studying directly under Terry Gunnell, with the probability of being able to continue with a PHD program.  I've dedicated my entire adult life to pursuing a respected degree in Old Norse Religion.  It's my passion.  It's my life. To be accepted into this program is a dream come true!

But I'm not there yet!  Student loans and scholarships are out of the question, which means I need to finance my education there myself.  The total sum required by the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration in order to study in Iceland for 1 year is 12,000 USD.  A hefty chunk of change, I know.  The upside is that this sum is actually the total amount they anticipate a student from the US will spend on ALL things (tuition, board, living expenses) for a year.  I can't even live for under that without school, here in NY.  The problem is that I need the money up front, and I need it before I go, in August.  

This is where I need your help! 

Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 April 2013 )
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